Tuesday, November 27, 2012

christmas colors

It was a Sunday and it was supposed to be our bonding time with two of my dearest friends. We planned to watch a movie that day but then something came up in their schedules so it ended up with me going solo window shopping and drinking coffee at our favorite coffee shop.
Upon arriving at the mall, nature welcomed me with their refreshing colors of red, green, and yellow. The mall was having this Plant and Garden Fair right outside the entrance. So I did not waste any second to capture the beautiful shades of nature. Flowers like poinsettia flooded the area. This flower is also called "Christmas Flower" because they bloom in December. It is popular in red color although there are a variety of colors of this kind.

I was also attracted to this tiny christmas-tree-like plant. Just perfect for the season. As we all know, one of the Christmas symbols every home never misses is the "Christmas Tree". The pine tree, unfortunately, does not grow much here in the Philippines except for the colder areas like Baguio City and Tagaytay. In replacement for the  real one, we opt for a plastic pine tree instead. But to some who are creative enough to use our local resources, settles to have a unique, native Christmas Tree.
Others may go for Bonsai Tree to have a more Asian feel. But to countries that have winter season, plants and trees that remained green all year have a special meaning for them.

As my eyes wandered around, I noticed two baskets filled with some kind of a hairy fruit. Rambutan is in season nowadays and it is very timely for this kind of weather. It is said that this fruit is high in Vitamin C, which we all know can counter common colds. The seller allowed anybody to have a taste of it first to reassure the customers of its sweetness. Red is the typical color of rambutan although it could also be in yellow and orange.
Inside the mall, vibrant colors of red, green, and yellow were all over the place. People were very busy buying gifts, availing the holiday bargains, and enjoying the company of their loved ones. There is no denying that the holiday season is here.

But why the colors red, green, and yellow? Is it because of the red poinsettia or rambutan? Or perhaps the green pine tree with yellow ornaments around it? Santa wears red.. Even Rudolph's nose is red! Do these colors have deep meaning to you or are just feeling them skin-deep? For me, red signifies blood which Jesus shed to save us from our sins. That is how big His LOVE is for us. On the other hand, I was amazed with the thought that pine trees remain green all year round even during winter time. This should give people HOPE to have an everlasting life if we only believe in God's promise to us in John 3:16. Lastly, yellow is psychologically the happiest color in the color spectrum. It simply means HAPPINESS!

Let us enjoy the Christmas colors this season and reflect on the deeper meaning that this may serve as a reminder to everybody. So here's wishing you REDGREEN, AND YELLOW the whole year through! Happy Holidays!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

christmas is in the air

Lately I have been buying clothes that have long sleeves and have cottony textures. Cold weather has started to settle in, giving us the notion that Christmas is fast approaching. Amihan (cool northeast wind) is the one responsible for this. But I do like this kind of weather. Somehow, it can lift up your mood and can minimize sweating. But of course we are responsible for our own health. We need to take precautions against colds, coughs and fever. Wearing appropriate get-up with this kind of weather is advisable especially if you go out in the evening.

Sweater is one garment you could use to break a sweat when you are cold. You may wear it over a shirt; although it can also be worn without one.

Jacket is lighter and less insulating than a sweater so it should be worn over a shirt or any other top.

Long-sleeve polos are also nice and fashionable. For guys, they may top it with a sweater or vest to create a preppy look. And for gals, cardigan tops simply does it.

Hoodie is a sweatshirt with a hood which also serves as a protective cover of the head against cold. This is popular among teenagers because they would look so cool on it.

Scarf is a piece of fabric worn around the neck for warmth and fashion.

Aside from wearing these protective clothing, it is also advisable to drink plenty of water and to eat fruits rich in vitamin C to beat colds. We don't want ourselves to get sick during the holiday season, right? So, let's enjoy the cold weather, while being fashionable healthy at the same time... because Christmas is in the air!

christmas is just around the corner

I always pass by this corner at the other side of the road after work. It used to be a tailoring shop and now it is been closed for years. The space right outside that shop was converted into a fruitstand. Other than that, it is a corner I dread because I am scared to walk across the intersection of that area. You see, it is a busy highway and big trucks pass there. Eventhough there is a pedestrian lane, it still scares me out of my wits!

One night while I walked on my way to my boarding house, my eyes were drawn to that same corner. It was full of lights, blinking harmoniously. I stood still for seconds to appreciate the beauty it exhibits. Then I said to myself, "well it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here." And yes, the fruitstand was replaced with lighted christmas decorations display. It was such an attraction for the motorists that they usually slow down their speed to enjoy the view. Some would even really stop to take their time asking and negotiating with the seller.

As I continued walking, I took another glance at the colorful display of lights. I could not help but smile at the thought of that idiomatic expression "Christmas is just around the corner"... Indeed, it is coming very soon... And literally based on what I have seen, is just around the corner.