Monday, February 4, 2013

a decade and one...

Celebrating 11 years of F.Un.!
January is a busy month for F.Un. Shop workers because it is our anniversary. We are so blessed to have reached and have survived a decade and one in fulfilling our dreams, sharing our knowledge in music, honing the talents of the young ones and the not-so-young ones and developing their confidence.
F.Un. Shop's summer recital.
The decoration team.
We celebrate our company anniversary every 26th of January. A year ago, we decided to celebrate it with our students. So, we came up with this Fun Fair idea wherein we converted our music studio into a place that would convey a Fiesta atmosphere.

A week before that, everyone of us were all busy as bees preparing everything to make the place look fun and exciting. We formed committees for the event.I was in charge in the decoration committee. Thank God it was not bad at all hehehehe...

Students lining up to redeem their prizes.

The office area became the prize imperial palace.
Sammy boy counting his blessings.

These were the chocolate coins that were used so everyone could play the games in the Perya.

The goal was to earn more chocolate coins to redeem great prizes.

Food stalls were lined up at the other side of the office.

The music studio was turned into a big tent with some small tents. 

The small tents had different gimmicks like trivia questions, puzzles and matching type quizzes and rhythm drills.

Name-the-tune and tic-tac-toe were the popular ones.

We even had roleta and ball drop.

The big tent served as the venue for the parlor games.

The ballet studio was converted into a Perya.

Evrybody was busy playing some games in Perya:

Circuit Breaker

Krazy Balls

  Wise Cubes

Wall Direction

Colored of the Rings

 Eye of the Trigger

Angry Balls

The toddlers' room served as the venue for the Minute to Win it challenges...

...and as photobooth area.

The seats in the waiting area were piled up and formed in such a way that it would look like an information counter and the hallway ceiling was filled with fiesta bantings. It was all fun, fun, fun!

The first stop: Registration

Another successful Fun Fair this year. Thank you, Lord for all the provisions and for the hard-working team who are willing to go the extra mile. To God be the glory!!!

F.Un. Shop teachers and workers

 Pictures courtesy of F.Un. Shop Creative Learning and Multimedia


  1. This was really a great event. Everydody did a great work. Wonderful and very creative:)
    Bless you dear:)

  2. wow ate shiela. congratulations! the anniv was successfully. alas! coffee?

  3. wow madam...i had fun seeing the kids having fun....pwede po bang i try ung minute to win it?...hehehe congratulations po! I'd love to meet you someday...:)


    1. hi miss grah! call me ate shiela na lang hahaha! try nyo rin ang minute to win it challenges sa next company event nyo :D